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Aged Copper

Copper Metal Color by Bridger Steel

One of Bridger Steel's newest finishes, Aged Copper is a metallic Silicone-modified Polyester paint system. This Copper Metal Color is designed to look like a pre-patina copper panel, with a slightly darker finish than the brighter Copper Penny finish.  

Finish Details

This Copper Metal Color has a finish with deeper tones. Aged Copper offers a more subtle metallic finish than our brighter Copper Penny finish. As a metallic finish, Aged Copper reflects different tones depending on lighting changes throughout the day.

Currently available in our 29 Gauge SMP paint system, Aged Copper is available in various panel profiles. This Copper Metal Color can be used with the following panels: Tuff Rib, 3/4" Corrugated, V Wall, and Platte River.  

Custom options are available for other panel systems.

For more information regarding Aged Copper or other Copper Metal Color finishes, please contact a Bridger Steel team member or call 1-877-Steel-US.

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