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Bonderized Metal Finish

Bonderized Metal: A Paint-Ready Color

Bridger Steel's Bonderized metal finish is quickly becoming one of the most popular metal finishes for residential, commercial, and agricultural projects because of its dark, natural looking color.

Bonderized panels are created when bare metal panels are coated with a phosphate mixture, originally designed to make painting the base metal easier. 

Bonderized Metal Finish Details

Create a classic aged metal look with our Bonderized specialty finish. This unique finish was originally designed as a base metal, ready to be painted with custom colors. However, designers, architects, and homeowners fell in love with the matte gray color of the panels before they were painted.  Bonderized has become a staple in many towns across the West.

Currently available in 24 Gauge steel, Bonderized is available in various panel profiles including:

  • Mechanical Lock
  • Tru Snap
  • Nail Strip
  • Ultra Batten
  • 7/8" Corrugated 
  • 1/2" Corrugated
  • 1/4" Corrugated
  • Flush Soffit
  • V Soffit

Custom options are available for other panel systems.

For more information regarding Bonderized or other metal finishes, please contact a Bridger Steel team member or call 1.833.STEEL.US.

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For the architect, builder, or general information regarding building examples, please contact marketing@bridgersteel.com. Bridger Steel does not release personal information or locations of projects due to owner privacy.
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