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Bridger Steel Natural Metal Panel Systems for Roofing & Siding

A606 Steel, Bonderized, Copper, Galvanized, Galvalume, and Vintage

Popular with many design styles, natural metals provide residential and commercial designs with metal colors that are unmatchable by painted products. Bridger Steel offers most panel systems in each of the following metal variations and metal colors.

Vintage Steel

While Vintage® is not an actual natural metal, it does provide a popular alternative to aged natural metals with a darkened finish. It's extremely popular with residential and commercial designs. Vintage is a wonderful alternative to traditionally natural metals.

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Vintage Metal Finish

Bonderized Metal

Dark Finish

Popular in Residential and Commercial applications, Bonderized was originally designed as a painted base metal, ready to be painted with custom metal colors.

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Bonderized Metal Siding

Galvanized Steel

Zinc Coated Substrate

If the traditional American panel is the Corrugated profile, the traditional color is Galvanized. Popular with Rustic and Modern designs, this Zinc coated steel remains very popular and its color creates a classic feel that is timeless.

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Galvanized Wainscot

Galvalume Steel

Aluminum & Zinc Coating

A primarily aluminum substrate, Galvalume provides an alternative to the brighter Galvanized natural metal finish. Galavalume is one of our most popular metal colors.

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Curved Metal Panels

A606 Weathering Steel

Corten Steel, Truten™️ Steel

A steel originally crafted to rust naturally and seal in the inner layers to provide natural protection without the need for paint, A606 has become incredibly popular with Residential and Commercial Buildings. Unique to every project every time, you'll love the look of this finish.

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Rusted Corrugated Metal Roofing Panel

Copper Panels

Copper reacts uniquely in different environments, and has been a building material for well over 1000 years. Whether a green patina in a humid region, a brown patina in a dry region, or a generally untouched coloring in interiors, Copper is a very popular metal that creates different metal colors depending on the environment it's in.

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Copper Metal Roofing

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