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Bridger Steel Collection of Metal Prints for Roofing & Siding

Printed Metal Paint Systems offer customers an ever-evolving range of new and unique ways to clad their buildings or homes. Printed patterns often emulate natural occurring colors in aged steel, aged copper, or even in naturally occurring scenarios like lichen growth on a dark roof or siding.

Printed metals are often used due to the new level of creativity they can bring to a project. Customers often use these products as trim, in gables, or as siding options.

When looking at printed metals, it is always important to get a close up and distant view of how the pattern looks. What may seem highly fragmented at 5 feet away, often gives a much more subtle look the further away it is viewed.

24 Gauge Colors
28 Gauge Colors
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Finish Details
Corten AZP Raw

Corten AZP Raw is a painted metal designed to emulated aging metal to add warmth and dimension to exterior and interior projects.

Rustic Copper

A painted metal aged metal designed to emulate an aging copper patina in a dry environment during the patina process.

Weathered Zinc

Weathering Zinc emulates an aging zinc panel with a significant patina.


Jadesone offers a woodland mossy appearance, often seen in mountain regions with high rainfall and lichen growth. From a distance this color pattern appears primarily black, with the detail becoming more prominent at close range.

Sand Dune

Sand Dune works wonderfully emulating dry, and desert environments, and is popular as an interior panel, often as a wainscot to an otherwise solid colored wall.

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