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Bridger Steel Rawhide Textures 

Bridger Steel offers a unique Rawhide texture for a range of color options. The textured painted product offers a new look, along with durable protection. Our Rawhide colors range from rich browns to cool grays for any design style.

Rustic Rawhide

Rustic Rawhide is a textured metal print that emulates the weathered look of a corten steel panel, but with the added benefits of the warranty of a fully-painted panel.

View Rustic Rawhide

Rustic Rawhide Siding


With a dark red finish, Apache Rawhide is often paired with natural stone or weathered wood to create beautiful rustic designs. The texture of the Rawhide finish blends with rough surface of the wood and stone.

View Apache Rawhide

Copper Metal Roofing

Ash Gray 

With cool gray tones, Ash Gray Rawhide is quickly becoming a popular choice for modern and contemporary designs. When placed next to smooth surfaces, the subtle texture of Ash Gray helps the panel stand out.

View Ash Gray Rawhide

Ash Gray Rawhide Siding with Red Accent Door

Burnished Slate

Burnished Slate has a natural gray finish that can be used for interior accents or full roofing and siding applications. The subtle texture helps add a modern twist to traditional metal panels. 

View Burnished Slate Rawhide

Burnished Slate Rawhide Wainscot

Chili Powder

With a bright red finish, Chili Powder Rawhide helps to create eye catching accents on interior and exterior spaces. Often used next to neutral colors, this finish is becoming increasing popular for pops of color on modern buildings. 

View Chili Powder Rawhide

Chili Powder Rawhide Wainscot

Coal Black

Like most of our texture prints, the color of Coal Black can vary depending on lighting. In direct sunlight it can look dark gray, while in less light it is true to its name.

View Coal Black Rawhide

Coal Black Rawhide Siding in Corrugated

Dark Walnut

Dark Walnut is a popular choice for rustic designs because of its rich brown color and textured finish. The subtle texture can help add dimension and visual interest to a space. 

View Dark Walnut

Dark Walnut Standing Seam Roof

Hartford Green

With a dark green finish, Hartford Green Rawhide is popular with log cabins and ranch style homes. The subtle texture on the Rawhide finishes offers a new twist to traditional metal panels.

View Hartford Green Rawhide

Hartford Green Roof on Log Cabin


The neutral color of Hickory Rawhide allows this finish to work with many different styles. The light color is popular with modern rustic designs when combined with rich wood or natural stones

View Hickory Rawhide

Rawhide Corrugated Panel

Slate Gray

As the lightest gray color in our Rawhide collection, Slate Gray is popular for modern accents or farmhouse chic designs. From interior wainscots to full roofing applications, this modern finish brings depth and visual integrity to residential and commercial projects.

View Slate Gray Rawhide

Slate Gray Rawhide

Steel Gray

With a deep gray finish, Steel Gray Rawhide works well next to brightly colored accents or alongside lighter colors for bold color combinations. The subtle texture is becoming popular for a nontraditional twist on roofing, siding, and interior metal panels


View Steel Gray Rawhide

Steel Gray Rawhide Siding

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