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Vintage® Metal Finish

Shown: Fine Homebuilding Goodhaus, 1.75" Tru Snap

An aged metallic finish without the wait. Our Vintage® coated metal will add warmth and texture to any building project from classic roofs to unique indoor accents. Vintage® is often used as a warrantied alternative to a Bonderized finish.

Finish Details

This coating eliminates the uncertainty of the final look and wait time of other weathered looking substrates. The “pre-aging” process creates a faceted aged-metallic look without blistering, ensuring a smooth appearance while providing durability and peace of mind.

Vintage® coated metal is generally produced in G90 metallic coating weight, perfect for use in commercial and residential buildings.

Currently available in 24 gauge, Vintage® is available in most of Bridger Steel's panel profiles.

Custom options are available for other panel systems.

For more information regarding Vintage® or other metal finishes, please contact a Bridger Steel team member or call 1.833.STEEL.US.

Photo Gallery

For the architect, builder, or general information regarding building examples, please contact marketing@bridgersteel.com. Bridger Steel does not release personal information or locations of projects due to owner privacy.
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