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Truten™ A606

A Weathered Steel Finish

Truten™ A606 is one of the most sought after finishes for rustic, residential and mountain building projects. The natural weathering process of this steel creates truly one of a kind rustic designs that can't be achieved through painted metal. The color of Weathered Steel will be unique to your project depending on the exposure, environment, and weather patterns. 

Truten™ A606 Finish Details

Similar to traditional Corten steel buildings, Truten™ A606 is coated with our trademarked blend of copper, phosphorus and silicon to form a fine textured oxide surface film on the panel. When exposed to the elements, the top layer will eventually weather into a unique rust color. This coating is incredibly resistant to corrosion caused by weather and atmospheric conditions, and outperforms carbon steels, which often display a coarse, flaky oxide.

Truten™ A606 Weathered Steel has a dark gray appearance in the shop and comes coated in a light oil to prevent premature rusting. Once the oil coating rinses off, your roof will begin to rust naturally. It creates a beautiful and unique look that resembles Corten steel buildings.

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Available Profiles

Currently available in our 22 Gauge steel, Truten™ A606 is available in various panel profiles including:

  • Mechanical Lock
  • Tru Snap
  • Ultra Batten
  • 7/8" Corrugated 
  • 1/2" Corrugated
  • 1/4" Corrugated
  • Soffit
  • Flush Soffit

Custom options are available for other panel systems.

For more information regarding A606 Truten™ or other metal finishes similar to Corten steel buildings, please contact a Bridger Steel team member or call 1-833-STEEL-US.

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For the architect, builder, or general information regarding building and Corten Steel Buildings examples, please contact marketing@bridgersteel.com. Bridger Steel does not release personal information or locations of projects due to owner privacy.
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