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Weathered Zinc

Specialty Metal Print by Bridger Steel

Weathered Zinc emulates an aging zinc panel with a significant patina. The black and gray tones of this print are often paired with other neutral tones or alongside bright colors for dramatic accents. When looking at printed metals, it is always important to get a close up and distant view of how the pattern looks.  What may seem highly fragmented at 5 feet away, often gives a much subtler look at distance.

Finish Details

Bridger Steel's specialty prints are available in PVDF paint systems. These systems provide exceptional weather protection and are designed to handle exposure to harsh weather conditions. This commercial grade paint system maintains its appearance over long periods when exposed to UV and atmospheric pollutants. 

Weathered Zinc panels are produced in a G90 Zinc and Aluminum substrate, perfect for commercial and residential buildings. 

Available Profiles

Currently available in our 24 Gauge steel, Weathered Zinc metal is available in various panel profiles including: 

  • 3" Trapezoidal
  • Mechanical Lock
  • Tru Snap
  • Nail Strip
  • Ultra Batten
  • Snap Batten
  • Shiplap Wall
  • V Groove Wall
  • 7/8" Corrugated 
  • 1/2" Corrugated
  • 1/4" Corrugated
  • 7.2 Structural
  • 6025 Structural
  • Soffit
  • Flush Soffit

Custom options are available for other panel systems.

For more information regarding Weathered Zinc or other metal finishes, please contact a Bridger Steel team member or call 1-833-Steel-US.

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