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    Metal Roofing

    Bridger Steel offers a wide range of metal panel systems for roofing applications. Start your search by checking out the different types of metal roofing we offer to find the style that best matches your needs.

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      Metal Roofing Panel Systems

      Metal Siding

      Bridger Steel's siding options include a range of metal panel systems designed for residential, commercial and agricultural applications. Used in modern and rustic projects alike, creativity drives each panels use into endless possible applications.

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        Metal Siding

        Interior Metals

        Interior design options including corrugated wall panels, metal wainscoting and the increasingly popular accent walls and kitchen island surrounds.

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          Interior Ultra Batten Wall Panel

          Metal Fencing

          Metal fences are becoming increasingly popular due to their durable nature and minimal maintenance. Browse fencing options for residential, commercial or agricultural needs. 

          Metal Decking options including our structural box rib decking options that offer easy installation and long-lasting structural integrity.

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            Metal Fencing Panels

            Building Materials

            Bridger Steel not only sells the best metal panels, but also the highest quality fasteners, clips, underlayments and roofing building materials needed to get the job done correctly.  From snow guards to mastic, we've got you covered.

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              Metal Building Materials