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3/4”  Corrugated

Corrugated Steel Panel System for Residential and Commercial Use

Affordable corrugated metal never looked so good. The 3/4” corrugated panel is strong enough to cover your roof, and comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes. The 29 Gauge panel is light and easy to work with, while the bold ribs help create a statement. Use this panel for corrugated accents like wainscots, statement entryways, or shed roofs. Whether you’re recreating a rustic farmhouse, a garden shed, or looking for a fun, modern accent, 3/4" Corrugated metal panels can upgrade your project without blowing the budget.

Panel Colors

29 Gauge Colors

Panel Profile


Product Applications

Metal Roofing, Siding, Interior and Accent
Can be installed over a solid substrate or open purlin system.
If used for open purlin use 2' maximum spacing.
Single overlap for roofing or siding.
If used for a roofing application, use bead mastic on the overlap.
We recommend Hydrashell Premium underlayments for roofing applications.

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Product Details
Finished Coverage
  • 34"
Panel Gauges
  • 26 Ga.
  • 29 Ga.

What are Gauges?

Fastener Options
Panel Length
  • 3' to 40'
Rib Height
  • 3/4" at 2.88" Centers
Recommended Roof Slope
  • 3:12 or Greater
  • Lower Slopes Require Mastic
Paint Warranty Available
  • Yes


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