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Metal Panel & Installation Resources & Support Center

Project Shown: Black Hills Residential

Builder: Shannon Schad Construction

Rusted Metal Siding

Starting a Roofing Project

As with any project, sometimes it's hard to decide where to start. At Bridger Steel, we offer a wide range of services and act as your own personal metal resource experts. Our conversations with customers are more than just about problem solving a custom-bent trim piece, or figuring out the right panel to use for a certain environment; we can help you get started - or even just find your starting point - for any metal project! 

Whether you're still dreaming about your future home, or you're in a tight timeline and need to have a solution that requires a little creativity, we can help. Our goal is always helping you end up with the best product to fit your build. We pride ourselves in building relationships with our customers, and ones that last as long as our metals.

If you need assistance, or just want to get some design advice, please do not hesitate to reach out to a friendly team member at any one of our stores. You can also take advantage of our free project consultation services. If you're trying to find out ways to measure your roof, we've put together some advice to help you get started.

At Bridger Steel, we do not currently offer a certification course for our local contractors, but we can match you with a contractor if you need assistance. Whether locally or nationally, we have a network of reputable contractors we are happy to match you with.

Measuring Your Roof

Choosing a Contractor

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