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    Soffit & Interior Liner Panels

    Finish your eves, properly vent your roof, or finish out the interior of your home or shop with our Interior Soffit and Interior Liner panels. These metal panels keep your workspace bright and clean without having to repaint, and interior soffit panels can be used as a venting or finishing product or as a ceiling or wall covering material.

    Soffit Metal Panels

    Concealed Fasteners

    Soffit metal panels are traditionally used to vent roofs and finish out eves, but don't be afraid to get creative. Our Soffit panels are low profile and look great on ceilings, as interior wall panels, or wainscots. Use Interior Soffit panels to get creative and create stunning projects.

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    Interior Soffit - Soffit Interior Panels

    Flush Soffit Panels

    Concealed Fasteners

    These soffit panels line up together for a clean, minimalist look. Flush Soffit works well as a subtle interior panel, wall panel and as part of a roof venting system.

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    Flush Soffit Metal Panels

    Interior Liner Panel

    Exposed Fasteners

    A highly durable and long lasting panel, Bridger Steel's Interior Liner panel will stay clean and bright without the need for regular upkeep. 

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    Soffit Interior Liner Panel

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