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Metal Roofing Panels & Systems

Metal roofing options can vary greatly.  Choosing the right colors, paint systems, fastener system, and panel system depends on your needs.  Below are some options for starting your search and gaining a better understanding of the types of metal panel systems available in today's designs.

Corrugated Roofing Panels

Exposed Fastener

Corrugated roofing has been around for over 100 years, but the old style of short panel lengths and rusted edges are a thing of the past. Corrugated metal panels offer great protection, and are an upward trend in designs using metal roofing.

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Rusted Corrugated Metal Roofing Panel

Standing Seam Metal Panels

Hidden Fasteners

A very popular panel for roofing, the standing seam panels offer long sleek lines and are usually installed with hidden fasteners helping to add to their clean appearance.  Standing seams can be run over open purlin systems and in long single runs making them very appealing in modern metal designs and residential or commercial applications.

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Corten Standing Seam Metal Roof

Rusted Metal Roofing

Corten, Weathering Steel

Started as a way to allow metal to protect itself without the need of a paint system, Corten steel has more recently become popular for residential roofing applications. While this type of rusted roofing material is highly desired as full roof or accent roofing panels, it is important to understand the process of weathering steel.

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Weathering Steel Standing Seam Metal Roof

Copper Roofing

Hidden or Exposed Fasteners

Copper roofing has been a popular option for over a hundred years.  With the advancement of paint systems, copper-replacing options can now emulate original designs. Copper roofing is available in most of our metal panel systems.

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Weathered Copper Metal Roof

Curved Metal Roofing

Standing Seam or Corrugated Panels

Curved or radius metal panels offer a very unique approach to metal roofs for residential and commercial applications. Popular with modern and rustic designs, curved roofing panels offer a distinct touch to a roof.

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Curved Metal Panels

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