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Copper Roof Panel Systems

Understanding the Pros & Cons, Costs and Applications of Copper Roofing Systems

Understanding Copper Roofing

Since as early as the 3rd Century B.C., copper has been used as a roofing solution. Copper has been chosen for its durability, and ability to resist corrosion, alongside its aesthetic appeal. Some copper roofs dating back to the 12th Century are still actively in use today, pointing to copper's longevity as a roofing panel.

Copper for Green Building

Copper is an extremely efficient energy saving material compared to asphalt or stone shingles, primarily relating to heat gain. Add in the longevity of a copper roof (up to 1,000 years in many European examples) and you get an economical metal, even when accounting for the high initial copper roofing price. Copper is known for its recyclability, longevity, and energy and thermal efficiency.

Copper Alternatives

Bridger Steel offers most of our steel panels in a copper roofing form. Copper, unlike other metals like aluminum or steel, requires expert installation.  While copper is an excellent option as a roofing panel, its malleability is among the factors that make it a challenging installation.

Due to copper's high initial investment, a series of paint systems have been created to act as copper alternatives.  Bridger Steel's Weathered Copper mimics a full patina in a dry environment like Montana, while Antique Copper mimics a partial patina in a humid or coastal environment.  Copper Penny is a wonderful alternative to copper warm, initial look.


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Copper Pricing

As a traded commodity, copper prices change frequently. Pricing for copper roofing should be obtained with the understanding that prices may change. We recommend speaking to a Product Specialist about options for securing pricing on longer building cycles.

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Green vs Brown Patina

In humid or coastal conditions copper patinas differently than in dry or arid regions.  In a coastal or humid environment, copper takes on a green patina.  In arid climates copper will patina into a weathered brown finish.

Copper Penny

Copper Penny emulates the intial warmth of unaged copper panels.

Copper Penny - Copper Panel Alternative

More Colors & Finishes

Weathered Copper

Weathered Copper emulates a copper finish with a full patina in a arid environment.

Copper Roofing Panels

More Color & Finish Options

Rustic Copper

Rustic Copper is a unique alternative that emulates a partial patina in an arid environment.

Rustic Copper Panel

More Specialty Finishes & Prints

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