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Curved Metal Roofing Options

Project Shown: Centre Sky Architects - Curved Roof

How Are Metal Panels Radiused?

The act of bending or curving a radiused metal panel occurs mechanically in what is appropriately named a Radius Machine. Able to be performed at a job site, a roofing panel is slowly fed through the machine, curving the panel slightly more with each pass until the desired radius is created. A curved roof is an easy way to make your home or building look completely unique. 

To get more in-depth information about a curved roof, how it's made, and examples, please read this blog.

Curved Roofs: An Upward Trend in Roofing

Curved metal roofing is quickly growing as a popular option in metal roofing. The aesthetic of a curved roof has been used for longer periods in commercial buildings, but more recently the desire to incorporate this style of roofing into a residential home has increased dramatically.

Curved roofing is often used in residential applications above an entry way or another visually prominent area. This small addition to an otherwise flat roofing system provides an extra element to the sight lines of a home. A curved roof can give any home a textural element and an eye-catching appeal. The unique look of a curved roof is one you won't forget.

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Product Details
7/8" Curved Corrugated

Bridger Steel has a unique radius machine to North America — a 7/8" Corrugated curving machine. The 7/8" Corrugated is an extremely strong panel, and very pleasing in a curved roof profile. We use this machine to create a curved roof for our customers.

View the 7/8" Corrugated Panel

Curved Standing Seam

Our Mechanical Locking standing seam panels are available in a radiused variation to achieve a curved roof.

View 2" Mechanical Lock

View 1.5" Mechanical Lock

View 1" Mechanical Lock

Seaming a Radius Panel

When installing a mechanically locking standing seam panel in a radiused variation, special attention is required to operating the seamer. For assistance and recommendations, please contact our service team prior to beginning your curved roof installation.

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Field Forming Available

Curved Roof panels are best created at the job-site to prevent any damage. Bridger Steel offers a field forming service to accommodate curved roof installation while better protecting the panels during delivery. Panels are also available to be curved at one of our facilities and shipping to the site if needed.

Field Forming Services

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