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Standing Seam Roofing Panels

Standing Seam Roofing on a Residential Home

Benefits Standing Seam Roofing

A metal standing seam roof, or seamed metal roof, has a definable seam that extends vertically from the panel's flat surface. This seam helps provide additional rigidity and support, making a standing seam metal roof a favorite of both residential and commercial applications.

One of the biggest benefits of standing seam roofing is the hidden fastener system it uses. Since a hidden fastener system is used the majority of the time, a standing seam roof rarely sees issues related to fasteners. Another big benefit of a standing seam roof is its ability to be engineered with solar and snow retention options. Due to standing seam roof panel’s high-performing characteristics, they’re often chosen for those wanting to install solar or snow retention accessories on their metal roofs.

Standing Seam Roofing - Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels

Hidden vs Exposed Fasteners

Most standing seam metal roofing options come with hidden or concealed fasteners, referring to the clips, screws or nails being hidden from view on the installed standing seam roof. A key benefit of hidden fasteners versus exposed fasteners is the hidden fastener is not puncturing the standing seam metal panel itself, nor is it exposed to weather. This usually means your standing seam metal roof has a higher level of protection from the elements, it will require less maintenance and it will provide a more attractive and appealing look for your standing seam roof.  

Standing Seam Roof Panels - Standing Seam Roofing

Standing Seam Roof Options

At Bridger Steel, we offer three primary standing seam roofing panel types, each with slight variations depending on the application needed.

The Mechanically Locking Series of standing seam roofs is among one of our most structural and toughest panels. While the 2" Mechanical Lock Roofing Panel is a wonderful choice for bold standing seam metal roofing designs, the 1" Mechanical Lock Panel provides an equally appealing option for residential metal standing seam roofs.

The Tru Snap Series offers an alternative to the mechanically seamed panel, and is often chosen for both residential and commercial standing seam roofing applications alike.

For an easy installation process that still provides the protection and long appealing lines of a standing seam roof, we have our Nail Strip line. A standing seam roofing panel that allows for a hidden row of fasteners to be installed between each panel as it is installed. This process makes this panel style among our best choices for DIY standing seam metal roof installation.

Standing Seam Roofing - Standing Seam Roof Panels

Rusted Standing Seam Metal Roof

An increasingly used trend in mountain and modern applications alike, the weathering steel standing seam roof makes a statement with long lines and a beautiful patina. The natural patina process is a favorite among standing seam metal roofing options for residential homes and accent roofs.

Weathering steel transforms a standing seam metal roof into something unique and one-of-a-kind, all while providing the unbeatable lifespan and durability of a metal roof.

Weathering Steel Designs

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Product Details
3" Trapezoidal

Our newest standing seam roof panel is mechanically seamed for superior protection.  With a 3" rib, this panel is ideal for industrial, commercial, and large scale applications. 

Trapezoidal Standing Seam Panel  

3" Trapezoidal Panel

2" Mechanical Lock

As one the toughest Standing Seam roof panels, the 2" Mechanical Lock provides outstanding protection to your building while creating bold lines.

2" Mechanical Lock Standing Seam Panel

2" Mechanical Lock Panel

1.5" Mechanical Lock

Our 1.5" Mechanical Lock Standing Seam Roof panel is popular for commercial and agricultural buildings because of its durability and architectural appeal.

1.5" Mechanical Lock Standing Seam Panel

1.5" Mechanical Lock

1" Mechanical Lock

With a lower rib height than our other Mechanical Lock Standing Seam Roof panels, the 1" panel has smoother sight lines, making this a popular choice for standing seam roofs.

1" Mechanical Lock Standing Seam Panel

1" Mechanical Lock Panel


1.75" Tru Snap

As the toughest Standing Seam Roof panel in the Tru Snap series, the 1.75" makes for a great roofing system on commercial and agricultural buildings.  

1.75" Tru Snap Standing Seam Panel

1.75" Tru Snap Panel

1.5" Tru Snap

Our 1.5" Tru Snap panel is popular with residential homes because of its clean lines, subtle rib heights, and protection against wind, snow, and hail.

1.5" Tru Snap Standing Seam Panel


 1.5" Tru Snap Panel

1" Tru Snap

Our Tru Snap panels feature a concealed fastener system that will keep your roof protected.  The 1" panel features the lowest rib height for a elegant look.  

1" Tru Snap Standing Seam Panels

 1" Tru Snap Panel

1.5" Nail Strip

Our Nail Strip roofing has become popular because of its low maintenance and eye catching seams. This panel will add long, clean lines to your home or office. 

1.5" Nail Strip Standing Seam Panel

1.5" Nail Strip Panel

1" Nail Strip

Known for it's durable protection, with an easy installation process, the Nail Strip is a very popular choice for residential applications.

1" Nail Strip Standing Seam Panel

1" Nail Strip Panel



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