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Copper Siding Options & Copper Color Alternatives

Shown: Copper with a Green Patina

Natural Copper Patina

As a natural metal, copper will patina over time. What starts as a shiny, orange product will eventually turn to rich browns and blacks, or if left exposed long enough in humid areas, a blue/green finish. In coastal regions, a full patina can take 5 to 7 years, while in more arid climates it may take 10 to 14 years. Even then you might not see the traditional blue/green finish.

*Design Tip: Two things to always remember when working with copper siding is to know how copper will be affected by your climate and design with the long term patina in mind. Time and environment play a major factor in the aesthetic of copper siding

Copper Metal Siding Options 

Copper siding is available in a variety of panel profiles. Copper can be ran as corrugated or batten panels for more of a traditional look, while standing seam panels are often popular with modern designs for their long, clean lines. To learn about all the profile variations contact a Product Specialist by our get a quote form or call 1.833.STEEL.US. 

Sustainable Metal Siding 

Copper has been a building staple for hundreds of years because of its durability and longevity. These factors, alongside copper's recyclability, make it a great choice for sustainable exterior cladding. Copper can last up to 100+ years and requires little to no repairs or replacement, which reduces the need for new materials.  

Alternatives to Natural Copper

Two other popular choices for rustic designs are Galvanized or weathered steel siding. Galvanized siding has its rustic roots dating back to resourceful homeowners in the 1800s taking empty cans and rolling them into small sheets. The owners found that metal held up wonderfully, and the tin siding gave off a warm glow as an added bonus. This style of siding has evolved into using corrugated metal panels to achieve the same look. Other popular siding finishes are Galvalume, Bonderized, Aged Copper and Copper Penny.  

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