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Horizontal Metal Siding Options

Panel Shown: 7.2 Structural Box Rib

Choosing Horizontal over Vertical Siding

Choosing between horizontal and vertical siding often comes down to visual appeal. Vertical siding offers a unique look, while traditionally horizontal siding has been thought of as easier to install.  

With horizontal metal siding, whether you want a traditional or modern look is no longer applicable to the direction you run your panels. With so many panel options, you can now create a unique or modern look by selecting a panel, rather than deciding on the direction it runs.  

Horizontal Wainscoting

While wainscot is traditionally run in a vertical pattern, in modern designs we see corrugated metals often run horizontally. This type of wainscot is best combined with a warm material like a natural wood that contrasts well with the cool colors of natural steel. Often used in commercial buildings, horizontal wainscoting also helps to break up long walls where a single siding color or style might appear drab.

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Product Details
7.2 Structural Siding

Our 7.2 Structural Panel was primarily used for commercial and industrial spaces. But once architects saw it run horizontally, they concluded the bold ribs were the perfect accent for modern architecture.  

7.2 Structural Horizontal Metal Siding

7.2 Structural Panel

Modern Ultra Batten

Our Ultra Batten panels were designed to mimic the traditional board and batten style commonly found on residential homes and wainscoting. When run as horizontal panels, this siding panel will create seamless lines for a modern touch. 

Ultra Batten Horizontal Modern Siding

Ultra Batten Siding

3/4" Corrugated Siding

As one of our most popular panels, the 3/4" Corrugated panel has become a go to for siding and interior accents. The subtle ribs will add texture and dimension to any project.  

Corrugated Horizontal Metal Siding

3/4" Corrugated Panel

Flush Wall Panel

A popular trend in interior design is using Flush Wall panels as ceilings or backsplashes.  The low maintenance and subtle profile of these panels have caught the eye of interior designers and architects.

Flush Wall Panel


Platte River Siding

Our most economical interior and exterior wall panel has exceptionally clean lines and can be used for agricultural, commercial and residential applications. 

Platte River Metal Siding

Platte River Siding

Nail Strip Siding

Our Nail Strip siding has become popular because of its low maintenance and eye catching seams. When run horizontally, this panel will add long, clean lines to your home or office. 

Standing Seam Horizontal Metal Siding

Nail Strip Siding

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