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Using Rustic Metal Siding to achieve desired appearance

Panel Shown: Tuff Rib Panel

Achieving a Rustic Look with Metal Siding

Metal siding has been used across ranches, farms and countryside homes for years. The most popular panel styles have traditionally been corrugated metal siding, or panel siding often seen cladding barns. Colors play an important part in achieving a rustic metal siding appearance. As a more traditional alternative to painted metals, many people opt for a weathering steel siding, giving their project that rusted, aged appearance.

Rustic Metal Colors

Choosing a metal panel to achieve a rustic look often comes down to the color options. In the hands of a creative designer, almost any panel can give off a rustic look with the right colors. For a barn feel, homeowners find red siding with white trim very popular. This "barn feel" reflects the popularized barns from childhood books. Lighter shades of browns and tans are also a very popular option. Paint choices vary greatly depending on region. Get inspired by taking a trip into the countryside and using your phone to snap pictures of older buildings.

Bare Metal as a Rustic Metal Siding

The two most popular choices for a rustic siding look are galvanized or weathered steel siding. Galvanized siding's rustic roots date back to resourceful homeowners in the 1800s taking empty cans and rolling them into small sheets. The owners found that metal held up wonderfully, and the tin siding gave off a warm glow as an added bonus. This style of siding has evolved into using corrugated metal panels to achieve the same look. Other popular siding colors are Galvalume, Bonderized and Vintage color options.

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Product Details
7/8" Corrugated Siding

As a structurally strong panel, the 7/8" Corrugated can bring a rustic charm while providing a durable metal panel. 


7/8" Corrugated Rustic Metal Siding

7/8" Corrugated 


3/4" Corrugated Siding

As one of our most popular panels, the 3/4" Corrugated panel is a staple in rustic metal design.  

Rustic Corrugated Metal

3/4" Corrugated 

1/4" Corrugated Siding

The low ribs of the 1/4" Corrugated panel create subtle accent pieces on the exterior or interior of a building to add to a rustic design.


1/4" Corrugated Rustic Metal Siding

1/4" Corrugated 

Ultra Batten Wall

Our Ultra Batten mimics the traditional board and batten style that is popular in rustic designs but with the added durability metal provides.

Rustic Ultra Batten Metal Siding

Ultra Batten Siding

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