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Modern Metal Designs & Applications

Panel Shown: Nail Strip Siding in Bonderized

Clean lines, bold accents and raw materials are the key elements in modern sheet metal designs. Our selection of metal panels can create modern roof lines, add a touch of style with a corrugated accent or recreate an modern industrial feel for your business. Mix and match these bold panels to get the look you want.

Metal Roofing

Choosing a Modern Finish for your Roofing Panels

When choosing the right colors for modern designs, it's important to consider the amount of metal you will be using and what surrounding materials will be used. Cool, darker metal can be used to contrast warmer wood tones, while metallic finishes can complement rich wood siding.

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Modern Metal Roofing - Modern Sheet Metal

Metal Siding

Siding & Wall Systems for a Modern Look

When put into the hands of creative builders, homeowners, and architects, any metal panel can enhance a modern design. Metal siding has been uniquely installed on builds to create beautiful, bold lines as siding panel. 

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Modern Sheet Metal Siding

Modern Interior

Accent Walls, Ceilings & Liners

Sleek, clean lines have become a staple in modern designs. Modern sheet metal, such as Galvanized steel, has become popular because of its ability to manipulate natural light and creating open, airy spaces. 

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Modern Sheet Metal panels

Custom Fabrications

Creating Unique Lasting Beauty

Want to match a specific look, or have a unique design you'd like to use?

Bridger Steel utilizes state-of-the-art technology to make your modern sheet metal ideas and designs come to life. Whether you're an architect or designer with a specific look you are trying to achieve, or a homeowner with a little more than an idea, we'd love to help!

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Modern Sheet Metal

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