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Interior Designs with Metal

Panel Shown: Galvanized Corrugated Metal

Modern Interior Metal 

The use of metal in interior design often relies on the right combination of colors and materials. In modern designs, metal works well as a complementary or contrasting tone to other materials. The cool effect of a natural metal adds to the warmth of a bright wood entryway or door. Builders often use painted metal to contrast cool natural finishes like stone or concrete. 

Commercial Decorative Metal

One of the most popular uses of metal in commercial design is around a bar or counter. Modern commercial spaces often use Galvanized or Galvalume finishes with brightly colored accents or paint for bold designs. The Ultra Batten panel is also a popular choice for clean, seamless lines. The different ways you can apply these techniques to your design are limited only to the bounds of your creativity.

Popular Finishes - Galvanized, Galvalume, Vintage, and Bonderized

Corrugated Modern Metal

Interior corrugated panels can be used in a wide range of ways in modern designs. From Galvanized steel on ceilings to help mimic natural elements, to pops of color next to neutral tones, corrugated fits right at home in modern designs. Corrugated metal brings a unique texture to a room, and can work well in a variety of applications. 

Popular Finishes - Galvanized, Bonderized, Vintage, and Dark Grays & Blacks

Interior Flat Panels

The use of flat metal panels in home designs can vary from kitchen backsplashes to markerboards in an office.  We often see flat metal panels used in focal points of rooms such as fireplaces or behind televisions. They are often used in small quantities to break up room transitions, create unique doors and trim, or wrap exposed chimneys as an alternative to drywall or other common materials.  

Popular Finishes - Dark Gray, Black, Dark Bronze, Bonderized, and Vintage 

Modern Wall Accents

In smaller spaces, interior designers recommend using full wall accents, rather than breaking up sightlines in a room with wainscot. Using interior metal as an accent wall can help create wonderful transitions between the different elements of a home. Another popular choice is to use the reflective properties of metal with natural sunlight to create brighter spaces. This is popular in kitchens, entryways, or other high traffic areas as full wall accents.

Interior wainscoting has been around for many years for a reason. Traditionally homeowners and designers use interior metal wainscot to add texture and dimension while creating beautiful accents. When run horizontally, these accents can create the illusions of more space with long, clean lines.  When vertically run, wainscot will draw the eye up, giving rooms a much taller appearance.

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Flat Wall Panel

Flat metal panels work great as accent panels, fireplace surrounds, or kitchen backsplashes.

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