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Creating a Modern Design

Modern metal roofing

Metal manufacturing in the 21st Century has taken many strides. Though metal was once chiefly used for its durability, architects now use it as a highlightable feature of a build. Modern designs often highlight metal's cool natural finish. Metal still keeps its durability and low maintenance, with new added appeal. Modern designs use metal to complement warmer finishes, or add bright paint colors to draw the eye.

Residential Modern Metal Designs

Whether you are remodeling a mid-century modern that needs flat planes, or you want to add long, clean lines to a contemporary home, our modern finishes and panels will help you achieve this sought-after look. Our Standing Seam panels are a popular choice for modern homes because they can be used for low slopes and wide spans. A popular residential choice is the Tru Snap series, with the perfect combination of strength and style.  

Popular Finishes - Dark Grays & Black, Bonderized, and Vintage

Modern Commercial Designs

Architects and builders are now trending towards metal in commercial designs. Metallic finishes such as Galvanized or Galvalume in one of our corrugated profiles is becoming a popular choice for modern designs. Builders enjoy the benefit of metal's green standards. Architects use metal due to its structural and eye-catching lines. Metal is showing up in cities, industrial builds and educational projects across the country.

Popular Finishes - Galvanized, Galvalume, Bonderized, and Dark Tones

Metal as a Green Building option

Often modern designs incorporate green building principles into their project. Due to recycled content, metal offers a wonderful material choice as a building product. Bridger Steel's metal is 100% recyclable, and a number of our colors qualify as Cool Roof colors. Metal offers a durable choice for adding on Solar Panels or creating a Rainwater Collection solution for the build. The sustainability factor of metal often goes hand-in-hand with a modern metal design.


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