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Mountain Designs & Applications


Mountain living provides a dramatic backdrop for a build.  The beauty of building in these landscapes is often matched by an equal amount of challenges. A mountain design must incorporate high performing technical materials that can live up to extreme weather. The design must also fit seamlessly into an ever-changing environment, a challenge for almost any architect or designer.

Metal Roofing

Options built to hold up to alpine weather 

For builds in alpine environments, the most important thing to consider is often the technical specifications of the roofing panel. Roofs in mountain settings are often subjected to strong winds, snow loads and a freeze/thaw cycle that can pull a poorly designed roof apart.  

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Radius Mountain Corrugated Roof

Metal Siding

Siding & Wall Systems for a Mountain Design

Metal panels provide a wonderful option for mountain designs. In addition to the limitless range of colors and finishes, metal offers owners a maintenance free alternative to traditional siding panels. When combined with the proper substrate, metal siding also offers a fire resistant solution.

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7.2 Structural box rib on mountain commercial building

Interior Designs

Accent Walls, Ceilings & Liners

Mountain landscapes are all about natural wonder - the scale and beauty of the surroundings. Creating an interior that matches this beauty often means using natural finishes. The warmth of wood combines very well with cool metal colors.  

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flat panel fireplace

Custom Fabrications

Creating Unique Lasting Beauty

Want to match a specific look, or have a unique design you'd like to use?

Bridger Steel utilizes state-of-the-art technology to make your ideas and designs come to life. Whether you're an architect or designer with a specific look you are trying to achieve, or a homeowner with a little more than an idea, we'd love to help!

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