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Caring for Corten Steel Panels

How Maintain Corten Panels 

Bridger Steel's A606 Truten™ is our corten steel panel product, and was designed with the specific intention of rusting over time. While the rust appearance is very desirable, it is crucial to understand the process is ultimately still the natural deterioration of the metal itself. Being diligent to inspect your Truten™ roof and Corten Panels properly will have a significant impact on how long your roof lasts.

Inspecting Your TRUTEN™ Roof

Here are the main items to check when looking at your Corten Steel Panels: 

  • Clean gutters, downspouts and drain boxes. Leaves and debris can back up your gutter system and cause leaks and damage.
  • Inspect for tree branches, leaves, pine needles, or other items touching the roof. Remove these items.
  • Clear valleys, waterways, and pooling areas. Leaves and debris can block the flow of water in valleys and drainage paths.
    • These must be cleaned out regularly, especially if you have trees that hang above your roof. Pooling areas from dirt piles or rotted debris eat through the metal over time and can ruin your roof.
  • If you have acidic trees (pine varieties are an example) near or overhanging your roof, check to ensure needles and branches are not collecting on the roof or in the valleys. The acidity rusts the metal faster and can cause damage.
    • If you have these types of trees near or hanging over your roof, inspect and clear every few months.
  • If you have Corten Steel Panels siding, do not allow soil to come into contact with your siding.

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