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Measuring Your Roof

Tips & Best Practices for getting your Roofing Dimensions

How to properly measure a roof

The first step in creating a new roof or remodeling an old one is to determine the surface area of the roof. Before you have this information, it will be difficult to accurately quote or estimate your costs and materials.

Hiring a Professional Service

There are a number of local services in every community that will measure your roof and give you an accurate coverage area. This is the easiest solution to finding out your roof's dimensions. Often, roofing professionals will offer this service as a part of their installation costs, or even sometimes for free.

Roof Safety & Awareness

If you're thinking about measuring your roof yourself, please take caution as falling from roofs is a regular injury. Be sure to wear proper safety equipment, and if possible, have someone else there to assist you. Take extra precaution as you move up or down from the roof itself.

Measuring Your Own Roof

We have created this easy to follow guide to help you measure your own roof. If you have additional questions after watching the video, please feel free to contact a team member for additional assistance.



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