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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Not all projects are as simple as using standard size panels or flat panels. Our knowledgeable team is here to help fabricate custom sheet metal designs. Whether it's custom gutter work, metal trim or even replicating traditional features like cornices or crown moldings, our team can help you create your custom project.

Bridger Steel & custom fabrications

From custom flat panel designs to uniquely bending bare metals into custom designed pieces, Bridger Steel has the experience and technology to turn your inspiration into a reality. When compared to other manufacturers, our focus has always been on creating solutions that meet the customer's expectations and inspiration. We handle jobs of all sizes, and examples of our custom manufacturing span the continent.


Custom Cornices

Within Bridger Steel's custom fabrication line is the ability for our team to create highly detailed metal cornices for your building designs. We run a number of machinery unique in North America that allows us to provide extremely precise and ornate designs at a reasonable price. Using this equipment allows our customers to be creative with less restrictions based on the ability of the machinery. Our customization team can help you design, create and deliver cornice designs before thought overly complex or too difficult for machinery to accomplish.

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Custom Cupolas

With our roots in the eastern slopes of the Rockies, we are no strangers to this wonderful and functional accent piece. Cupolas are designed as small towers or rises that extend beyond a roof line to help structures properly ventilate their interiors. Initially designed for barns holding livestock, this design aspect of a building has branched out to non-functional or highly decorative versions of the original need. Bridger Steel has the knowledge and experience to help you create visually appealing and still functioning copulos.

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Other Custom Manufacturing

Bridger Steel has the ability to help you with almost any design idea you may have.  We have created custom lap siding, flat panels, ventilations and other design solutions for countless customers. We run the only 20' RAS break in North America, along with a number of other unique machines, unmatched in their precision and capabilities. We also offer additional solutions for more design savvy customers to allow them full reigns in the design process.  

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