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Using Metal as a Solar Panel Roofing Solution

Solar Collection Information & Recommendations

Metal roofing is an obvious and natural choice for those builders seeking an enduring platform for solar energy systems, allowing for increased efficiency and eco-friendly, long-lasting economic benefits.

solar collection & metal roofing

Solar energy systems are a smart, economical and eco-friendly option that savvy builders are turning to more and more. Solar energy systems allow for improved efficiency in nearly every type of building application. Industry experts agree that metal roofing is the ideal platform for solar panel installation, due to its durability, strength and low maintenance.

LEED Certification

Projects that utilize solar collection provide a major contribution towards LEED certification. Solar panels fall under the category of Renewable Energy, and can qualify a LEED project with up to 17% of the LEED points required.

Solar Panel Mounting

Mounting solar panels directly to the roofing system is the most efficient and effective application. Bridger Steel works with manufacturers and installers to help create and develop clips to attach these systems directly to our metal panel systems. These allow for fast and easy installations, and easy maintenance of the roof and solar power system.

These systems are mounted to maximize the panel’s full solar gain throughout a full day. Independent residential solar panel systems can generate as much as 50 kilowatts of power a day, reducing gas emissions that can produce up to 732 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

Handling the Panel Weight

Rooftop solar energy systems can also be very heavy, and Bridger Steel's time-tested metal roof panels prove to be sturdy and sustainable mounts for solar panel systems.

Bridger Steel metal roofing can last a lifetime. Other conventional roofing material could need repairs as often as every ten years, requiring that any solar energy systems be removed before, and reinstalled after, repairs or roof replacement, resulting in much higher costs.

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