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Creating Rustic Interior Designs 

Rustic Interior MEtal

Metal panels have come a long way in recent years and are no longer used for just roofing and siding. Create seamless lines with full accent walls or break up a wall with an eye-catching wainscot. Using metal inside your home or office opens up a world of possibilities, so don't be afraid to get creative with metal panels.

Corrugated Panels & Wainscots

Creating a rustic look in the home or office often involves bringing Corrugated panels into the interior of a build. Mixing interior rustic metal with different elements such as wood and stone can add visual depth to a space with fun pops of texture. Interior designers encourage mixing different materials to create contrasting, yet cohesive spaces.  

Using rustic interior Corrugated panels against wood cabinets as kitchen backsplashes or full wall accents are great ways to add dimension to a space. In office spaces, rustic corrugated metal is often seen on front counters or desks for a one-of-a-kind accent.

A common question Bridger Steel's team gets when designing interior spaces is whether or not to use wainscoting. Interior wainscoting works well in some situations, and not so well in others. For example, in larger spaces the general interior design consensus is to use a full wall accent, rather than breaking up sightlines in a room. Versus in smaller spaces, a wainscoting can enhance a space and add depth. Using rustic interior metal as an accent wall instead of just a wainscot can help create wonderful transitions between the different elements of a home. 

Rustic Tin Wainscoting

Popular Corrugated Rustic Interior Panel Finishes: A606 Weathering Steel, Galvanized Steel, Rich Brown Colors, and Rawhide Textures

Standing Seam Panels

A newer trend that's on the rise is to mix interior metal wainscoting with wood trim, floors, or accent walls. The warmth of the wood combined with the coolness of metal creates a well balanced space. Our most popular standing seam panel for interior projects is Ultra Batten. This panel was designed to mimic the traditional board and batten style, making it a great panel for interior wainscoting or kitchen and bar surrounds. The durability of the metal is also great for keeping your walls protected. 

Popular Standing Seam Rustic Interior Panel Finishes: A606 Weathering Steel, Galvanized Steel, Rich Brown Colors, and Rawhide Textures

Flat Panels

Flat metal panels are another popular option for an alternative interior materials to use in order to achieve a rustic style. One major reason for this is simple look created when interior and exteriors styles work together in smooth transitions between areas. Instead of full stone fireplaces or tile backsplashes, designers and builders are using Truten A606 Flat panels to add eye-catching accents in the home or office. Flat metal panels can be created as hidden fastener panels or with bold exposed fastener strips. 

Interior Fireplace Using Custom Metal Panels

Popular Flat Rustic Interior Panel Finishes: A606 Weathering Steel, Rich Brown Colors, and Rawhide Textures

Popular Rustic Interior Colors & Finishes

For a traditional rustic design, our bare metal products like Truten A606 or Bonderized are a popular choice. Truten A606 has a coated layer that rusts over time, while Bonderized will stay a classic matte gray. Galvanized or Galvlaume finishes are also becoming popular in rustic homes because of their authentic metallic finishes. 

If you want the rustic look now without the wait, choose from our selection of painted products like Vintage or Rustic Rawhide that are specially crafted to resemble bare or aged metal without waiting for the patina.  

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Flat Panels

As a flat panel, metal is a popular option as an alternative for a number of other materials commonly found in interior designs.

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