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Soffit Panel

Concealed Fastener Soffit Profiles by Bridger Steel

What are Soffit Panels?

Soffit panels are a type of building panel that connect the roof overhang with the side of a building. Soffit is typically installed on the eave of a building to protect the structure from animals and weather. From vented panels that help with air circulation to v stiffeners that reinforce the durability of these panels, there are variations of soffit panels for all different building types. 

V Soffit

Concealed Fasteners

Bridger Steel's V Soffit Panel offers an interlocking 12" wide concealed fastener panel. This soffit features a small inverted v rib located in the center for added strength. This panel can be used for soffit, wall, fascia and liner applications. It's versatility makes it a favorite!

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V Soffit - Soffit

Flush Soffit

Concealed Fasteners

Flush Soffit panels line up together for a modern, minimalist look. Flush Soffit works well as a subtle interior panel, wall panel and as part of a roof venting system. This soffit option will exceed your expectations when it comes to strength and aesthetics. 

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Flush Soffit Panel - Soffit

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