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    1.75" Tru Snap

    Snaplock Metal Roofing & Siding 


    Think of 1.75” Tru Snap as the older, more business-minded brother of our traditional snap lock roofing and siding panels. The higher rib height makes a statement on commercial buildings and larger arenas, letting your customers know you mean business. The larger rib also allow the 1.75” to perform well on low slope roofs and extra long runs. We use a free-floating clip system to maintain clean lines and uninterrupted slopes. 

    Panel Colors

    24 Gauge Colors
    26 Gauge Colors

    Panel Profile


    Product Applications

    Suitable for regions prone to hail.
    Suitable for regions prone to high snow volume.
    Suitable for regions prone to high winds.
    Suitable for regions prone to extreme temperatures.
    Suitable for Solar Panel mounting.
    Available in Cool Roof certified colors.
    Suitable for Rainwater Harvesting.
    This panel can be field formed at the job site.

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    Product Details
    Recommended Environments
    Finished Coverage
    • 14"
    • 16"
    • 18"
    • Custom Widths Available
    Profile Variations
    • Striated (Recommended)
    • Flat 
    • Radius

    What are Striations?

    Panel Gauges
    • 24 Ga.
    • 26 Ga.

    What are Gauges?

    Fastener Options
    • Concealed Fastener
    • Fixed Clip System
    • Floating Clip System

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    Panel Length
    Rib Height
    • 1.75"
    Recommended Roof Slope
    • 2:12
    Paint Warranty Available
    • Yes


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