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3" Trapezoidal Panel

Structural Mechanical Lock Standing Seam


The 3" Trapezoidal panel is a mechanically seamed roofing panel designed for industrial, commercial and large-scale applications over steel purlins.  Available in a 18" or 24" width, this panel works well for long spans, and very low sloped roofs.  

Panel Color Options

22 Gauge Colors
24 Gauge Colors

Panel Profile

 3 Inch Trap Showcase copy.png

Trapezoidal Panel Profile 

Product Applications

Metal Roofing, Siding, Interior and Accents
Suitable for regions prone to hail.
Suitable for regions prone to high snow volume.
Suitable for regions prone to high winds.
Suitable for regions prone to extreme temperatures.
Suitable for Solar Panel mounting.
Available in Cool Roof certified colors.
Suitable for Rainwater Harvesting.
This panel can be field formed at the job site depending on region.
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Product Details
Panel Overlap

3 Inch Trap Overlap on Z-Purlin

Steel Purlin: Panel can be installed over open framing, with/without insulation (blanket or rigid).

Recommended Environments
  • High Wind Environments (ASTM E1592 & ASTEM E1680-16)
  • Heavy Rainfall Conditions (ASTM E1646-95)
  • Hail Prone Areas (UL 2218 Class 4)
  • High Snow Volume
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Extreme Temperatures (Select Colors)
  • Sustainability (LEED Solar Island)
Finished Coverage
  • 18"
  • 24"
Panel Gauges
  • 22 Ga. (Available Upon Request)
  • 24 Ga.

What are Gauges?

Fastener Options
  • Concealed Clip System
  • Clip Height 3.375" or 4.375"

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Panel Length
  • 3' to 43' Shop Production
  • 3' to 100' Run Onsite

Field Forming Available

Rib Height
  • 3.12" 
Recommended Roof Slope
  • Minimum 0.25:12 with Factory Applied Sealant
Available Paint Warranties
  • Warranties are based on paint systems. Contact a Bridger Steel team member for warranty options. 

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