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Montana Rib

Modern Galvanized Siding Panel System

The Montana Rib Panel System is created as a reversed box rib panel with wide valleys and tall, prominent ribs. When tested against wind and hail, this panel rated highly in both categories.

As a siding panel, the Montana Rib Panel works well due to the unique lines it creates compared to other panel systems. This panel is currently available in bare metal options, Galvanized, Galvalume and A606 Weathering Steel.

Panel Color

22 Gauge Colors
24 Gauge Colors

Panel Profile

Montana Rib cropped


Product Applications

Metal Roofing, Siding, Interior and Accent

Suitable for regions prone to high snow volume.
Suitable for regions prone to high winds.
Suitable for regions prone to extreme temperatures.
Can be used as a decking panel

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Product Details
Panel Overlap

Montana Rib Install

Underlayment: Vapor Permeable Membrane

Substrate: Plywood substrate material shown. Can be installed over open framing.

Recommended Environments
  • High Wind Conditions
  • High Snow Volume
  • Extreme Temperatures (Select Colors)
Finished Coverage
  • 36"
Panel Gauges
  • 22 Ga. (Available Upon Request)
  • 24 Ga.
  • 20 Ga. Galvanized Only

What are Gauges?

Fastener Options
Panel Length
  • 3' to 50'
Rib Height
  • 1.5" at 6" Centers
Paint Warranty Available
Warranties are based on paint systems. Contact a Bridger Steel team member for warranty options. 
Product Documentation

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