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7.2 Structural Metal Fencing Panels

Privacy Fencing & Livestock Windbreak

As metal fencing panels go, the 7.2 fencing panel combines industrial aesthetic with heavy-duty structural integrity. These fencing panels offer a wonderful option as a privacy fence for residential properties, or as a livestock windbreak in a galvanized version. 

Steel fence panels are becoming more and more popular due to their high-quality characteristics. Steel fencing panels are low maintenance and don't require yearly upkeep like wood or vinyl materials do. A steel fence panel is expected to last between 40 and 70 years. Steel fence panels are also highly resistant to harsh weather environments and can withstand even some of the toughest conditions. If you're looking for high-quality and high-performing fence panels, steel fencing panels are the way to go! 

Due to its structural integrity, a steel fence panel can also work well as a decking panel. Steel fence panels are able to support heavy loads and span open purlins, making them the perfect choice for decking applications.

Panel Color Options

22 Gauge Colors
24 Gauge Colors

Panel Profile

7.2 Structural cropped72_structural_box_rib_panel_profile

Product Applications

Metal Fencing, Decking or Siding

Suitable for regions prone to high snow volume.
Suitable for regions prone to high winds.
Suitable for regions prone to extreme temperatures
Can be used as a decking panel

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Product Details
Recommended Environments
Finished Coverage
  • 36" 
Panel Gauges
  • 22 Ga. (Available Upon Request)
  • 24 Ga.
  • 20 Ga. Galvanized Only

What are Gauges?

Fastener Options
Panel Length
  • Fencing - 3' to 50'+ 
  • Windbreak - 16' to 20' 
Rib Height
  • 1.5"
Paint Warranty Available
  • Yes
Product Documentation

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