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Valley Box Rib

Metal Wall Paneling System

Bridger Steel's Valley Rib panel is an exposed fastener panel suitable for residential, commercial and agricultural applications. It can be used in both interior and exterior applications as a metal wall paneling solution.

Panel Colors

26 Gauge Colors

Panel Profile

Metal Wall Paneling Valley Rib

Product Applications

Metal Wall Paneling and Interior Accents

Suitable for regions prone to hail.
Suitable for regions prone to high snow volume.
Suitable for regions prone to high winds.
Suitable for regions prone to extreme temperatures.

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Product Details
Recommended Environments
Finished Coverage
  • 36"
Panel Gauges
Fastener Options
Panel Length
  • 3' to 50'
Rib Height
  • 1.25"
Paint Warranty Available
  • Yes


Product Documentation

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