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    Standing Seam

    Bridger Steel's Standing Seam metal panels are designed to deliver bold profiles, uninterrupted lines, and accents that highlight your roofing, wall, or accent needs.

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      Standing Seam Metal Panels


      Bridger Steel offers a wide range of corrugated metal panels to fit any build requirements. From interior corrugated panels like the minimal 1/4" Corrugated, to durable corrugated roofing panels like the 7/8" Corrugated, there are corrugated metal panels to meet every need.

      Corrugated Panel Systems

        Corrugated Metal Panels - Corten roofing


        Bridger Steel created the Ultra Batten metal panels to provide a uniquely designed metal variation of the traditional board and batten look. Due to its popularity in both the residential and commercial sector, we created a second design to allow for roofing applications, the Snap Batten metal panel system.

        Batten Panel Systems

          Batten Wall Metal Panels

          Box Rib

          Bridger Steel's Box Rib metal panels offer a range of bold panel profiles for different uses, ranging from roofing, wall & siding, decking, and steel fencing. These metal panel's aesthetic appeal combined with high performance ratings make them a perfect option for many commercial and industrial builds.

          Box Rib Panel Systems

            Structural Box Rib Metal Panels on Commercial Building

            Flat Panels

            For minimal clean lines, Bridger Steel has a number of metal panels that work well in residential and commercial designs. Often using concealed fastener systems to maintain a smooth appearance, these metal panels work well in exterior and interior applications.

            Flat Panel Systems

              Flat Metal Panel Fireplace Interior

              All Purpose

              Get our most popular roofing, siding, and interior metal panels for the best price with our collection of versatile All Purpose metal panels. With durable paint systems and heavy-duty profiles, these panels are great for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial needs.

              All Purpose Panel Systems

                All Purpose Metal Panels in Purlin Bearing Rib


                Bridger Steel offers a wide variations of two primary soffit panel designs. V Soffit and Flush Soffit both have vented and non-vented options, and minor rib layouts can be adjusted depending on specific needs. Soffit panels can be adjusted to meet specific airflow requirements.

                Soffit Panel Systems

                  Flush Metal Soffit - Metal Panels