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    Signature Series

    Bridger Steel's Signature Series is designed to deliver bold profiles, uninterrupted lines and accents that highlight your roofing, siding or accent needs.

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      Modern Steel Panels

      Builder's Series

      Bridger Steel's Builder's Series was created to provide classical lines, durable construction, with an ease of installation for tight deadlines on steel panel installations.

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        Structural Box Rib on Commercial Building

        Traditional Series

        Get our most popular roofing, siding and interior steel panels for the best price with our Traditional Series collection.

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          Steel Roofing Panel

          Curved & Radiused Panels

          For a unique look, Bridger Steel offers a selection of panels available in a curved, or radiused profile.  As roofing panels, these add an extra touch to a design.

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            Radius Home Roof

            Metal Building Materials

            Bridger Steel not only offers some of the best panel systems on the market, but all provides the screws, fasteners, clips and materials to get the job done right.

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              Metal Trim, Fasteners & Accessories