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Flush Wall Panel

Flat Metal Wall Panels 

Flush Soffit creates clean lines with little interruption. Flush Soffit is traditionally used to finish out the eaves of a roof and as part of a roof venting system with a ridge cap. However, interior designers, builders and architects have been drawn to the low profile minimalist lines of this panel and have begun to use them for everything from ceiling panels, to wall coverings, to wainscots. With a large selection of colors and finishes, Flush Soffit can match almost any project.

Flush Wall panel create clean lines with little interruptions. These flat  metal wall panels are great for modern commercial and residential buildings. With a large selection of colors and finishes, Flush Wall panels can match almost any project.  


Examples of Use

For the architect, builder, or general information regarding building examples, please contact marketing@bridgersteel.com. Bridger Steel does not release personal information or locations of projects due to owner privacy.

Panel Colors

22 Gauge Colors
24 Gauge Colors
26 Gauge Colors

Panel Profile


Product Applications

Metal Soffit, Siding, Interior and Accent

Suitable for regions prone to extreme temperatures.
Suitable for exterior siding or interior liner panels.
Available in Cool Roof certified colors.
Must be installed over a solid substrate.

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Product Details
Recommended Environments
  • Extreme Temperatures (Select Colors)
  • Interior Accent Panels
Finished Coverage
  • 12"
  • 16"
Profile Variations
  • Vented
  • Non-vented
Panel Gauges
  • 22 Ga.
  • 24 Ga.
  • 26 Ga.

What are Gauges?

Fastener Options
  • Concealed Fastener

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Panel Length
  • 3' to 100'
Paint Warranty Available
  • Yes


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