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    Rustic Metal Design

    Well known for our rustic prints and panel designs, our rustic metal panel designs have graced the roofs of some of the most beautiful homes in the US.  Whether you're looking for unique metal building designs, to recreate a rustic weathered look, or use the perfect color to accent your wood or other natural material, we'll have a color and panel that will work for your project. Check out the options below to find the perfect fit for your project.

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      Rustic Metal Mountain Home

      Modern Metal Designs

      Clean lines, bold accents, and raw materials are key ingredients in creating modern metal designs. Our selection of metal panels can create modern roof lines, add a touch of style with a corrugated accent, or recreate an modern industrial feel for your business. Mix and match these bold panels to get the look you want.

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        Modern Ultra Batten Metal Siding

        Interior Metal Designs

        Kitchen islands, accent walls, wainscots, and more: our metal panels make a statement for any interior design project. With a huge selection of colors, prints and profiles, we have a design that will match any theme. We value our customer's creative designs and we're always happy to help make your design ideas come to life.

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          Interior metal designs

          Curved Metal Designs

          A unique and eye-catching ability of Bridger Steel is our selection of panels able to be used in a curved profile.  This new approach to roofing allows everyone from architects to homeowners the chance to create something truly unforgettable.

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            Curved Metal Roofs

            Bare Metal Designs

            Popular early in the history of metalworking, bare metals like copper & zinc are quickly regaining popularity in every type of project from commercial to residential.  We offer a wide variety of bare metal products that produce a beauty unique to your project, and complement other natural materials well.

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              Copper Roof on Home

              Weathering Steel

              Known for our expertise in weathered steel, Bridger Steel offers metal panels specifically designed to weather and age over time. When working with a naturally rusting panel, it is important to choose a product designed for the process to avoid common mistakes used with materials not designed for this effect. 

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