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    Curved Metal Designs

    Architect: Brad Hoyt, CTA Jackon

    Curved Sheet Metal on Homes

    Architects and builders use curved sheet metal on homes to create contemporary, nontraditional accents. By combining different shapes and textures, curved metal creates angles and lines that give a home a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Whether you want to break up large spans of roofing or create a small overhang, curved sheet metal will add a dramatic effect you are looking for and will remain in tact for decades to come.

    Curved Roofing on Commercial Buildings

    People are naturally drawn to curved lines on buildings because of the unique, out-of-the-ordinary element they bring. Not only are curved roofs aesthetically pleasing, they eliminate wasted space. Adding curved metal to your entryway for a bold first impression or use a radiused roof to cover your entire building for a seamless look. 

    How Do You Make Curved Sheet Metal?

    There are a few different methods that can create the unique look of curved sheet metal.

    Natural Curve: Sheet metal will curve naturally (within reason) without any excess strains or force if the panel is placed over a large area or radii. This is due to the weight of the metal panel naturally dropping down and conforming with the substrate. For smaller, tighter areas or radii, the installer will use the same approach, however they will force the panels down and secure them with panel clips.

    Mechanical Curve: The mechanical curve method starts with a flat, straight panel, which is then curved into the desired look by a machine. Typically, this method is used when the desired curve is much tighter than what can naturally occur. The panels are put into a machine that repeatedly uses rollers to stretch or compress it into a curve.

    Crimp Curve: Crimping sheet metal is typically the best method to use for a curved look that extends past the roof of a building. For example, if you want a soft edge rather than a sharp edge, you may use curved sheet metal to extend from the roof down the building's facade. The crimping method presses a series of indentations into the panel to fit the surface area or radii. 

    Creating Radius Roofing

    Bridger Steel invested in the finest quality radius-bending machinery in order to create and deliver unique mechanically curved metal. Our Radius Machines slowly feed the panels through the machine, and with each pass it begins slightly curving them more and more until the desired design is achieved.

    These machines provide our customers with quality curved sheet metal panels in two different profiles, which allows for endless design abilities and chance to create something unique.

    Which Panels Can Be Used in Curved Roofing Applications?

    Bridger Steel can radius the following metal panels for curved metal designs: Mechanical Lock profiles, including 2", 1.5", and 1", and our 7/8" Corrugated panel. In general, the heavier the gauge, or thickness of the panel, the better for our radius machine.

    The panels we have available give architects, builders, and homeowners more options when looking at curved metal designs. It also allows for much more freedom when it comes to creatively designing the home or building of their dreams. The days of sharp edges and traditional roofing designs are over!

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    Product Details
    Curved Mechanical Lock

    The sleek lines of the Mechanical Lock panels can add even more drama to a radius roof.  If you are looking to make a bold modern statment, this is the panel for you.  

    Available in the following sizes:

    2" Mechanical Lock

    1.5" Mechanical Lock

    1" Mechanical Lock

    Curved Corrugated Panel

    They say first impressions mean everything and with a curved corrugated roof in the entryway of your home, you will make a statement that won't be forgotten.

    Available in the following size:

    7/8" Corrugated Panel

    Custom Fabrications

    At Bridger Steel we are always interested in new, exciting challenges.  If you have a custom curved project you'd like to discuss, we'd love to hear your idea.

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    Project Consultation

    While curved metal panels create wonderful lines and unique design capabilities, they can be challenging.  If you need assistance, we offer services to help you achieve your project goals.

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