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    Using Interior Metals in Rustic and Modern Design

    Designing with Interior Metals 

    Metal panels have come along way in recent years and are no longer used for just roofing and siding. You can create seamless lines with full accent walls or break up a wall with an eye catching wainscoting. Use metal as a marker board in your office or children's room, or create a one-of-a kind headboard. Using metal inside your home or office opens up a world of possibilities, so don't be afraid to get creative with metal panels.

    Rustic Residential Metal Design

    An increasingly popular trend in interior design is to bring the outdoors in. Using the outdoors as a design tool allows designers to create warmth within a home. There are many ways to accomplish this. One option is to use bare metals. Our bare metals are designed to continue aging throughout their lifetime. If you want a rustic look right away, our painted panels and Truten™️A606 Weathering Steel are great alternatives. Add warmth to your space with rustic interior panels.  

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    Modern Metal Designs

    Creating sleek, clean lines has become a staple in modern design. Designers and architects are using interior metals because they add dimension and texture to any space. Modern metals, such as galvanized steel, have become popular because of their ability to manipulate natural light to create open, airy spaces. 

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    Project Consultation

    With so many different panels available, it is tough to decide what panel works best for your design. Our product specialists have years of experience and are happy to help you find the perfect interior accent for your home.

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    Product Details
    Interior Corrugated

    Corrugated metal makes for wonderful interior panels. They add dimension and can change the visual lines in any room.  We have a number of corrugated panels available:

    7/8" Corrugated Metal Panel

    3/4" Corrugated Metal Panel

    1/2" Corrugated Metal Panel

    1/4" Corrugated Metal Panel

    Flat Panel Designs

    Flat metal panels work great as accent panels, fireplace surrounds, or kitchen backsplashes.

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    Weathered Steel

    A unique way to use Weathering Steel is to bring it indoors.  In most interior environments, weathering can be a slower process, adding to the slowly evolving appeal of the weathering steels.

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