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    Modern Metal Design

    Creating Modern Metal Designs

    Metal Manufacturing in the 21st Century has taken many strides. Where metal used to be used for its durability, architects now use metal as a highlightable feature of a build. Modern designs often highlight metal's cool natural finish. Metal still keeps its durability and low maintenance, with new added appeal. Modern designs use metal to compliment warmer finishes, or add bright paint colors to draw the eye.

    Modern Commercial Designs

    Architects and builders are now trending towards metal in designs. Builders enjoy the benefit of metal's green standards. Architects use metal due to its structural and eye-catching lines. Metal is showing up in cities, industrial builds and educational projects across the country.

    See some great examples of commercial metal designs

    Residential Metal Designs

    In the past decade metal has started to be used as siding rather than just as roofing. As a siding panel, metal can provide a home with unique horizontal or vertical lines. Residents often enjoy the compliment wood or stone can provide in tandem with metals. The cool effect of a natural metal adds to the warmth of a bright wood entryway or door. Builders often use painted metal to contrast cool natural finishes like stone or concrete.

    Check out some modern residential designs for inspiration

    Metal as a Green Building option

    Often modern designs incorporate green building principles into their project. Due to recycled content, metal offers a wonderful material choice as a building product. Bridger Steel's metal is 100% recyclable, and a number of our colors qualify as Cool Roof colors. Metal offers a durable choice for adding on Solar Panels or creating a Rainwater Collection solution for the build. The sustainability factor of metal often goes hand in hand with a modern metal design.

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    Custom Fabrications

    Bridger Steel has the ability to custom make panels based on your needs. A custom fabricated metal product allows your inspiration to take center-stage. Our goal is to eliminate restrictions or limitations to catalogs. A variety of products are available in alloy, stainless, copper, zinc and aluminum versions.

    A homeowner chooses metal on their project to help add long-term value and appeal to their home. Choosing metal directs sight-lines, and creates a sustainable build while still providing the durability metal is famous for.

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    Modern Roofing

    Standing Seam panels offer long, sleek lines that work well with most modern designs.  For residential projects, our SL Nail Strip and 1" Tru Snap are popular choices.  For commercial builds, a strong profile like the 1.75" Tru Snap or 2" Mechanical Lock are often preferred. 

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    Modern Siding


    When put into the hands of creative builders and architects, metal siding has been uniquely installed on builds to create beautiful, bold lines as a siding panel. A popular trend recently has been the use of standing seam panels as horizontally alligned siding panels.  Our Ultra Batten panel is perfect for this type of application.

    View Ultra Batten metal panel

    Modern Interiors

    Using metal in interior design often relies on the right combination of colors and materials.  Metal works well as a complimentary or contrasting tones to other materials.  A popular trend is the use of interior corrugated metals like our 1/4" Corrugated or 1/2" Corrugated panels.

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    Trending Metal Colors

    When choosing the right colors for modern designs it's important to consider the amount of metal you'll be using, and what the surrounding materials will be.  

    If working on the exterior of a build, metal can be used as a cool, darker color to contrast smaller bright or warm materials.

    Metal can also be used as bright painted accents or walls, giving warm contrasts to cool materials like stone, concrete, or masonry.

    Bare Metal Designs

    A current trend in modern designs involves using the natural beauty of products.  Combined with other natural surfaces like wood or stone, bare metals offer an ever-evolving surface appearance.

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    Flat Wall Panels

    Bridger Steel offers all its colors and finishes in custom-cut and designed flat panels. These panels work great as both exterior and interior siding & wall options.  Our Flush Wall Panel is also available as a concealed fastener version of a standard wall panel design.

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    Cool Roof Systems

    A popular modern aspect of a build is the incorporation of cool roof systems.  A number of our paint colors qualify as Cool Roof certified colors.

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