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    Rustic Metal Design

    Creating a Rustic Metal Design

    Whether you're building a mountain home that needs to blend into the environment, or you want to add some farmhouse flair to your home or business, our Rustic metal panels will help you achieve this sought after look.

    Go the traditional route with bare metal products like Truten™A606, with a coated layer that rusts over time or a product like Bonderized that stays a classic matte gray.

    If you want the rustic look now without the wait, choose from our selection of painted products like Vintage or Rustic Rawhide that are specially crafted to resemble bare or aged metal without waiting for the patina.

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    Product Details
    Weathering Steel

    One of our most popular rustic options is our Truten™A606 Weathering Steel. Designed specifically to rust over time, this product instantly adds character to any project.

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    Rustic Rawhide

    A popular specialty print for projects wanting a rustic look similar to A606, with a strong warranty. This patent-pending print is widely popular with timber frames, log cabins, and as an interior accent.

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    Rawhide Textures

    Our rawhide print series provides a wide-range of prints able to mimic patterns found in nature or aged materials.

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    Corten AZP Raw

    Corten AZP Raw is a painted metal designed to emulated aging metal to add warmth and dimension to exterior and interior projects.

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    Bonderized is extremely popular, both with rustic builds and modern designs.  

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    Vintage, one of our most popular colors, emulates the natural color of bare metal while enjoying the benefits of having a protective paint system.

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    Interior Corrugated

    A popular rustic look often involves bringing in corrugated panels to the interior of a build.  A unique Bridger Steel product that achieves this look with sleek, minimal lines is our 1/4" Corrugated panel.

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