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    Weathering Steel

    Designing with Weathering Steel

    Weathered roofs, siding or accents are instantly noticable. While matching the eventual final patina can be achieved through textured paint systems like Rustic Rawhide, a weathering steel metal panel is unique in its constantly changing and unpredictably striking patina.  

    Weathered Steel Process

    It is always important to remember that weathering steels are essentially designed to rust. The outer coating of rust is there to protect the inner layers of metal. While A606 was designed specifically for this process, please remember that a weathered roof is ultimately still a deteriorating surface. What makes it beautiful also makes it corrode faster than a painted metal panel.

    Depending on your location, the process of completing the outer patina of the panel can vary. In dryer climates like Montana, we see our products typically patina slower than in locations with higher humidity or rainfall.

    Caring for Weathering Steel products

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    Product Details
    About A606 Weathering Steel

    Originally designed by United States Steel, A606 was originally intended for use as a structural steel that required little to no maintenance.  For this reason it was installed across the U.S. on bridges and large structures.

    Weathering Steel Roof

    We recommend that if you intend to install weathering steel as a roofing product you take care to maintain your roof regularly, keeping it free of leaves or twigs.

    Weathering Steel Accent Roofs

    Often, weathering steel is used as an accent roof, especially when combined with darker roof colors and with low sloping corrugated profiles.

    Project Inspiration

    Interior Weathering Steel

    Weathering Steels work wonderfully in rustic and modern interior designs.  The natural rusting of the metal offers an ever-changing accent, with warm tones of the patina working well with lighting.

    Interior Metal Designs

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