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Heavy Snow Roof Loads & Ice Dams


Creating a Moisture Barrier

When it comes to protecting a structure from snow, the primary focus needs to be on maintaining a moisture barrier. On many roofs, snow will slightly melt and refreeze before sliding off the roof entirely. During this period, it's vital that a roof maintains its moisture barrier during longer retention periods.

Controlling Ice Damming

When designing your roof, make sure to focus on areas that may form ice dams. The biggest risk a metal roof may face from ice dams occurs at the joints. Using a double-seamed joint helps protect against ice dams bending and exposing a point for moisture to enter your home. Choosing a roof with a raised seam also helps to prevent snow compression and potential damage to the seam.

Recommended Roofing for Snow

Bridger Steel recommends a number of our roofing panels for snow roof loads. The first option is any of our (3) Mechanically Locking Standing Seam Panels. These offer bold lines with heavy duty protection, especially when double-seamed. We also offer a non-seamed hidden fastener roofing panel. Our 1.5" & 1.75" Tru Snap Panels offer an alternative to the mechanically seamed panel that also provide substantial protection against snow loads.

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Using Striations

Striations are also recommended ro improve structural integrity and allow for expansion and contraction of the metal panel.

Snow Guards for Standing Seams

A necccesary protection with standing seam roofs are the use of snow guards.  Snow guards prevent snow from releasing from your roof in large amounts and potentially causing damage or injury.

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